Gage Speas knows counter-culture. He knows the open road’s song to those with rock-and-roll in their hearts. A New Mexico native and long-time Nashville resident, he knows that history has its place in the present.

In forming Three Horses Hat Co. , Gage has committed himself to his craft, keeping an eye on the future while paying respect to tradition.


Because Gage Speas knows counter-culture is becoming pop-culture.

That’s why Three Horses is his pipe-bomb through the window of fast-fashion.

Three Horses isn’t an accessory — it’s a thoughtful representation of whosoever bears the weight of its crown.

It’s hand-crafted, 100% custom, and made with high-quality beaver felt to guarantee that your hat isn’t made for the season: it’s made for the generations. 

Embrace the fever. Live the dream.